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Join us for worship this Christmas! We hope the information below will help answer questions you might have about our Christmas services and worshipping at Trinity Folsom.

The Basics

  • Services Times: We will have services on Christmas Eve (Sunday, December 24) at 1pm, 4pm, 7pm, and 10pm, and on Christmas Day (Monday, December 25) at 10am.
  • Location: Our address is 801 Figueroa Street (the corner of Figueroa and Wool) in historic Folsom.
  • Parking: Parking is most available on Wool and Mormon Street. There are parking spots along the borders of our campus with bumpers and stall markers. There is also street parking in the surrounding neighborhood—please pay attention and be careful to not block any of our neighbors’ driveways! Accessible parking is available in the alley between the church and the Parish Hall.
  • Visitors: Visitors often worry that they will stick out or do or wear the wrong thing, but there will be a lot of visitors, and all are welcome!
    • Haven’t been to an Episcopal service before? Don’t worry, the bulletin will tell you what to do and when to do it, and if you’re confused, just watch your neighbor or ask an usher. We promise that folks will want to help you, not judge you; you’re our guest, and you are most welcome.
    • Wondering what to wear? Worshippers here wear all types of clothing—there are some suits and ties, but most are a bit more casual. We might recommend, though, wearing layers—the church was built in 1862, and depending on the temperature outside and how full the room is, it can be either a little chilly, or rather warm, or both during the same service!

Service Information

  • Service Times: We will have services on Christmas Eve (Sunday, December 24) at 1pm, 4pm, 7pm, and 10pm, and on Christmas Day (Monday, December 25) at 10am.
  • Communion: All of our services on the 24th and the 25th include Holy Communion. All baptized Christians are invited and encouraged to receive Communion in this church; you don’t have to be a member of the parish or of The Episcopal Church. If you are not baptized, but you feel called to Communion, then you are also being called to baptism; please speak to one of the clergy about baptism as soon as possible. 
  • Midnight Mass: The Trinity Choir will be singing at the 10pm service. The choral prelude begins at 10pm, and the actual liturgy doesn’t begin until 10:30pm, but we recommend you plan to arrive by 10pm to hear the choir and to get a good seat.  
  • Christmas Day: The Christmas Day 10am service is similar to the Christmas Eve services, with slightly different prayers and music. 
  • Broadcast: The 1pm and 10pm Christmas Eve services will be broadcast on our Facebook page. You can access the bulletins for those services on our Online Worship Resources page.


  • Musical Offerings: In addition to traditional hymns and organ, we have a variety of singers and guest instrumentalists scheduled for our various services:
    • The 1pm service will feature Schola Cantorum (our small early music choir) and violin. (Prelude begins 20 minutes before the service.)
    • The 4pm service will feature Trinity Children’s Choir and our tenor and baritone section leaders. (Prelude begins 15 minutes before the service.)
    • The 7pm service will feature our tenor and baritone section leaders and violin. (Prelude begins 15 minutes before the service.)
    • The 10pm service will feature Trinity Choir, Schola Cantorum, trumpet, and harp. (Half-hour musical prelude begins at 10pm. Arrive early.)
  • Candlelight Silent Night: Many Episcopalians cherish the tradition of singing “Silent Night” by candlelight in the dark after taking Communion on Christmas Eve. We will have that at the 4pm, 7pm, and 10pm services, but not at the 1pm (as it will still be very, very light outside) or at the Christmas Day services.


  • Children Are Welcome: Your children are welcome to stay in church with you! We love children, and we don’t mind one bit if they make noise or fall asleep during the service. We’re happy they’re here and want them to know that God loves them and they are most welcome in the house of God! If it helps you, we have comic book Bibles, coloring sheets, and sensory kits available—just ask an usher! 
  • Nursery: We also provide free child care in our Nursery. The Nursery will be open on Christmas Eve for the 1pm, 4pm, and 7pm services. The nursery is located in the Annex: enter the Parish Hall, go through the glass doors into the courtyard, and you’ll see a sign for the entrance to the Nursery in the Annex. Children from infants up to age 5 are welcome in the Nursery.
  • Nursing Infants: if you’re nursing, you’re welcome to do so wherever you would like, including in the pews. But, if you would like some privacy, there’s a small room in which the choir vests, right off the narthex in the church building, and you’re welcome to use it; just ask an usher, and they’ll show you where it is. There are changing tables in all the bathrooms in the church and Parish Hall, and in the Nursery bathroom in the Annex.


  • Access for Wheelchairs/Walkers/Physical Mobility Challenges: There are handicapped and accessible parking spots in the alley. Take the sidewalk towards Wool Street and use the new ramp up to the new Wool Street door; once you enter, a ramped hallway will take you directly to the nave, ending at the front pew. Once in the nave, there are three wheelchair-accessible seating spots in the pews: two at the front (one on either side aisle) and one in the back on the center aisle. There is an older accessible ramp and entrance on the opposite side of the church as well.
  • Bathrooms: The bathrooms are along the hallway leading from the Wool Street door to the nave; if you’re in the pews, walk up the aisle past the pews, turn left, and go through the door between the pews and the altar rail; the bathrooms are off that hallway, on the left. 
  • Parking: Accessible parking is available in the alley between the church and the Parish Hall; you do not need to have an official handicapped parking placard to park there, except for in the two spots that are painted blue and have handicapped parking signs. The other alley spots are for folks with any need for more accessible parking.
  • Avoiding Crowds: Historically, the Christmas Eve services with highest attendance have been 4pm and 10pm, but the 1pm has gained in popularity in recent years. Our recent renovation nearly doubled our seating capacity, so there aren’t the standing-room only crowds at every service we used to have. But if you’re wanting to attend a service at which you can avoid a crowd and space out as much as possible, we recommend that you plan to attend the 7pm on Christmas Eve or the 10am on Christmas Day. 

Other Questions? Please contact us by phone (916-985-2495) or email (—we would be happy to answer any questions you might have.