Trinity Episcopal Church

Sunday Worship
7:30am Eucharist
9am Eucharist with Children’s Chapel
10:30am Sunday School / Christian Education
11:15am Eucharist with Children’s Chapel
7pm Contemplative Eucharist

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Anne Smith

the Rev’d Anne Smith, Assistant Rector – Email

Libby Vincent

the Rev’d Dr. Libby Vincent, Priest Associate – Email

Mike Kerrick

the Rev’d Mike Kerrick, Priest Associate – Email



Lay Staff

Brett Judson

Director of Music – Email

Travis Baldwin

Director of Children’s & Youth Ministries – Email








Tovi Abello Senior Warden
Janice Freeberg Junior Warden
Judith Richardson Clerk
Charlie Biegel
Christy Evans
Kim Hewitt
Katriona McLean-Lucas
Katie Rogers
Jon Sutherland
Lisa Warren Treasurer

Office Hours

Monday through Thursday
10 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Drop-in visits are welcome - For after-hours appointments contact 916-985-2495, or by emailing.